"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Back to the origins: Svetlana’s story


Svetlana’s story could be considered the most original among this new group of volunteers. And her name itself is the first step towards investigation.

Born in Ukraine 22 years ago but then moved at the age of 5 to Italy, this young girl is nowadays searching to establish a contact within her true Slavic origins. Every moment here in Sumy is an epiphany – to recall Joyce’s most famous image – that drives her memories back to the past (the orphanage in which she ended up in the early childhood for a shortage of care from her parents, her brother’s glance already missed several years ago but...

Lisa’s vision to build a cooperation among European youths


Ukraine has already caught up the attention of another volunteer of our company, Lisa Jahr from Germany. According to her, moving here would be an outstanding experience for the main purpose of coming into contact with Ukrainian people, even by “bothering” them in the daily life. And as volunteerism is a great chance to be accepted into a new community, become a better person and acquire new skills for one’s own future, Lisa is now carrying forward the idea of giving something back to this new hosting “family”. The standard procedure of what it has been named for long time...

Emanuele and the concept of Ukrainian integration


This Ukrainian experience is for Emanuele something which is closely related to his educational background, full of awards and scholarships achieved for the dedication he has always shown towards history and European Union issues. Even though Italy and her beauties are rather named among his speeches, on the other hand, “united in diversity” could represent his personal motto. The actions he participated to – Erasmus, a masters degree obtained between Brussels and Poland, then the prestigious College of Europe ending up this itinerary – gave him a deep knowledge on the External Action service...

Saint Nicolas’ Day and SMART camp in Sumy


Once in our life we experience childhood as the best period to be regretted during adult existence. There are many ways we grow into adulthood, and this process is mostly related on taking responsibilities and making decisions with more mature attitudes as ever. Center for European Initiatives had the pleasure to arrange, in the end of 2014, two big events that gave kids the possibility to spend time together before the well-attended winter holidays in Sumy region.

The Library of Alive Stories


To meet face-to-face with own stereotypes and find out how they can be wrong, - such opportunity had the visitors of “Human Library” on 16 November 2014 on the International Day of Tolerance. The event, conducted in a rather unusual way, succeeded completely. The organizer of “The Human Library” was Center for European Initiatives within the activities of Youth Peace Ambassador in Sumy under the support of Scientific Library of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking Affairs.

Impressions from "Youth Academy - Media" in Poland


18 participants from Ukraine and Poland gathered together for international Project “Youth Academy – Media” which took place in Nasutow (near Lublin) in Poland from 22nd till 28th of October. Maksym Kostornoi who was one of the Ukrainian participants of the project shares his experience and impressions.

Report on the trasfer of support for Ukrainian army and volunteers of ATO


Center for European Initiatives expresses its sincere gratitude to all who gave their support in fundraising for the purchase of medicines for Ukrainian soldiers of ATO. We received cash and in-kind contributions from friends and acquaintances in Ukraine, Poland, USA, Germany and Portugal.

Connecting Bridges


On 16-21 September 2014 in Slavsko (Ukraine) international seminar in peace-building and conflict transformation took place. The event was implemented within the framework of activities of Youth Peace Ambassadors Network under the support of Youth in Action Programme of the EU. The organizers of the international seminar was Sumy City NGO “Center for European Initiatives” (

Madam from Amsterdam


Her bike was seen everywhere in the city, her look was familiar to many students and schoolchildren, and her events were always well-attended. The EVS volunteer Jara Snippe from the Netherlands was part of the Center for European Initiatives team from February to March this year. The project "Learning for Europe" supported by Youth in Action Programme aimed at introducing European values, culture and traditions to young Ukrainian generation. Jara spent in Sumy only 7 months but made a huge difference for the local youth. Here's what she says about her project.

Fundraising for Ukrainian soldiers of ATO: Israeli bandage and hemostatic product CELOX


Our organization “Center for European Initiatives” has a possibility to arrange the delivery of medical products (emergency bandage/Israeli bandage and hemostatic product CELOX) from abroad through our partners, friends and ex-volunteers for soldiers of ATO.

According to statistics, the majority of soldiers die of blood loss and these products can help soldiers to provide first aid by themselves in the emergency on the battlefield. However, unfortunately, these hemostatic agents are not included to the standard set of Ukrainian soldier and their delivery to Ukraine are not provided...

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