The overall aim of this project is to initiate a dialogue on global citizenship and participation, particularly examining the meaning of global citizenship in a Ukrainian and European context

Melissa Bell,
Peace Corps volunteer


Our Vision

It’s all about community.

 Today, “community” can mean so much more than the neighborhood you live in or the school district you belong to. Our communities span oblasts, regions - even countries. We are brought together by common interests, shared values, and a harmonious vision for the future. Our focus is community, because communication through common ties is the foundation of prosperity and peace.

Camp EXCITE aims to expand Ukrainian pupils’ sense of community. We do this by introducing pupils of different schools and different regions to one another, allowing them to work together and socialize together in an English immersion environment. We also provide the opportunity for pupils to meet and befriend American Peace Corps Volunteers, who work as English teachers across Ukraine. Camp EXCITE also works with Ukrainian English teachers, bringing teachers together in new ways to facilitate cooperation, information sharing, and a greater sense of community.

Camp EXCITE unites Ukrainian pupils and teachers and American volunteers around engaging, interesting lessons and seminars. Past camp topics have included sessions on the European Union, debate workshops, journalism, theatre, English-speaking countries, and even sports. Conducted by American volunteers in an English-immersion environment, these camps offer Ukrainian pupils the opportunity to communicate directly with native speakers on topics that are relevant and important in their own lives. Camp EXCITE programs are also popular with Ukrainian teachers, who enjoy observing the teaching methods and classroom styles of their American guests.

What is Camp EXCITE?

 The overall aim of Camp EXCITE is to bring together Ukrainian pupils, teachers and Peace Corps volunteers in an English language immersion environment to foster a greater sense of community and of the world, and to encourage the development of creative, communication, and professional skills.

Camp EXCITE is a series of engaging English language seminars for Ukrainian 8th-11th form pupils of English. Seminars are taught by US Peace Corps Volunteers, all of whom are native English speakers. Ukrainian teachers and volunteers are also involved in teaching and running the camps.

Camp EXCITE holds seven weekend camps throughout the school year in cities and towns throughout Sumska Oblast, including Sumy, Konotop, Krolevets, Bilopillia, and others.

Camps comprise 45-minute interactive lessons, punctuated by group challenges, games, and social activities to promote informal interaction among Ukrainian pupils in English. Lesson topics are chosen for their appeal to pupils, and lessons include such skills as reading critically, persuasive writing, public speaking, active listening, etc. Above all, Camp EXCITE emphasizes experiential learning and active youth participation. 

What do we have to offer?

Camp EXCITE offers Ukrainian pupils access to English immersion weekend camps during the school year, and a weeklong, overnight camp during the summer.

Pupils and teachers are able to interact with native English speakers in the classroom and outside of it.

Pupils are offered the chance to meet and form friendships with peers from other parts of Sumska Oblast.

Through Camp EXCITE, pupils are able to learn and practice English in an open, fun, inclusive atmosphere, where they are encouraged to express themselves and explore new ideas creatively.

Certificate upon completion of any Camp EXCITE program. 

Who are our participants?

High-level pupils of English studying in the 8th-11th forms, seeking to improve their language skills.

Opened-minded, creative, dynamic individuals interested in engaging new ideas and perspectives.

Individuals committed to improving themselves and the world around them.


Provided English Language Seminars for nearly seven years in Sumska Oblast. Conducted 6 Camp EXCITE weekend camps every school year and 1 Summer Camp EXCITE since 2005.

Over 400 pupils from Sumska and other parts of Ukraine have participated in Camp EXCITE.

Brought together educational institutions, civil society organizations, international volunteers, and the youth of Ukraine.


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