"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Our current volunteers

Buongiorno, Guten Tag and Dzien Dobry: Meet a New Team of our EVS volunteers

Center for European Initiatives has significantly expanded its team. Five new young people joined the NGO under European Voluntary Service to promote democratic values, human rights, tolerance and active citizenship in the Sumy region. The EVS projects are supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

Soon these young people will be well know in the city - as they are going to work with youth in Euroclubs at schools and universities, organize language clubs and develop their own projects for the local community. Don't miss your chance to meet the volunteers during next months!

Meanwhile without further ado they are introducing themselves.

Full Name: Lisa Jahr
Country: Germany
Personal Motto: Happiness only real when shared
Interests: writing, drawing, music, travelling
Why I decided to become a volunteer with Center for European Initiatives: I decided to volunteer at Center for European Initiatives because  it is a great opportunity to learn as much as possible from people that are working in the fields  that I’m interested in.  Also it's a huge chance to explore the culture of Ukraine and get views on things from a different perspective.

Full Name: Emanuele Rocco Di Bello
Country: Italian
Personal Motto: Whatever works
Interests: history, politics, literature, cinema, art, football
Why I decided to become a volunteer with Center for European Initiatives: because I felt Ukraine was the place to be, right now.

Full Name: Svetlana Degan
Country: Italy
Personal Motto: Never back down because if you want you can
Interests: writing, photography, art, reading
Why I decided to become a volunteer with Center for European Initiatives:
I decided to come to work here for the Center of European Initiatives because I’m interested to the themes of tolerance, European values and to support people in need here in Sumy, with my own skills.  
Moreover for my studies and my potential  future career I would like to learn about different systems of social services, have a direct experience with the Ukrainian organization, also to create in the future a direct connection between Italy and Ukraine, with the contacts I will be able to develop here.
At the end, I would also add that since many years it was my dream to visit Ukraine, learn about its  culture and traditions because I was born here and I feel my roots in this country.


Full Name: Romain Su
Country: France / Poland
Personal Motto: “Pessimist because of intelligence, optimist because of will.” (Antonio Gramsci)
Interests: Correspondence, geopolitics, knowledge of Warsaw (varsavianistyka), cooking.
Why I decided to become a volunteer with Center for European Initiatives:
To do “organic work” among Ukrainian people in order to support integration with the European Union and help implementing solutions that can make the city of Sumy more sustainable and resilient to energy shocks while at the same time improving inhabitants' quality of life.

Full Name: Riccardo Bravi
Country: Italy
Personal Motto: “Be yourself is all that you can do”
Interests: Literature, Languages, Politics, Intercultural Studies, Philosophy
Why I decided to become a volunteer with Center for European Initiatives:
I decided to become a volunteer with CEI after reading the description of this ONG into the European Commission website: I was impressed by the work of those guys who since 2005 are constantly devoting their time and energies to bring Ukraine closer to democratic values and good standards of living.
I feel a strong interest towards European topics such as integration, sustainable development, tolerance, exclusion and poverty – to quote a few examples. It is awesome to share thoughts and feelings with other people from all over Europe, thus communicating in English. As my educational background is Foreign Languages it would be very nice to improve my linguistical skills as well, and it will be a great opportunity to move my first steps with the Russian language.
I will bring my seriousness and the will to do things in a proper way as I’ve always done. I’ll even try to be patient and propositive sharing ideas for the community projects which should be approved or not by staff members at least.
I will also contribute to the project bringing the knowledge of my native language to those who are interested in getting acquainted with our lifestyle, by conducting a weekly Italian language club. That is to create an intercultural dialogue between Ukrainians and people from other countries, which is also one of the best aim of the Center for European Initiatives. This will help young people to get in touch with some European topics such as integration and youth policies. It would be a great chance to promote activities relating to European conscience in a country such as Ukraine that has been under Soviet Union’s control for a long time.
I think it will be a great opportunity to grow together within the common values of freedom and peace which are the best solutions of any material and spiritual crisis. So here I am, ready to start this new important experience!