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From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Euroclubs: Polish Experience, March-April 2008

Project “Brining in experts and organizing a study visit to Poland in order to stimulate the development of school European education in the Sumy region” consisted of two phases:

  • 18-19March, Sumy - Polish experts Kazymezh Valukh and Madjena Kapuchinska were invited to conduct the Seminar “School Euroclubs: Polish experience” for 35 participants - teachers and Euroclub coordinators of the Sumy region;
  • 20-26 April, Plotsk - study visit to Poland for 15 Euroclub coordinators of the Sumy region.


  • training for 35 educators from Sumy and Sumy region aimed at developing Euroclubs in educational institutions;
  • considerable growth in Euroclubs, the emergence of new clubs;
  • network of more than 20 Euroclub in the region;
  • partnership and projects that emerged between Polish and Ukrainian schools.

Partners: High School. Pavla Vlodkovycha (Plotsk, Poland).

Support: East-East: Partnership without Borders Program, International Renaissance Foundation, Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland).

Article "School Euroclubs: Polish Experience."