"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

International Training Course «LOVEAT», Poland, November 2010

During the week 10-18 November 2010, ten members from Euro Clubs in Sumy travelled to Poland as participants in a project called “LOVEAT” to share culinary traditions with students from Poland and Germany. Representatives from Sumy were from Secondary Schools № 1, 25, 29, School Number 1 and the Chairman of the Gymnasium.

Each country presented their national dishes. The Ukrainian youth treated the participants with dinner, soup, and potato pancakes with sour cream. A salad and sausages were served from Germany, and a Polish ice cream dessert, called “Charlotte,” was also enjoyed. In addition to treating each other to their country’s cuisine, the participants had a workshop on how to make Polish pastries and salt sticks and another workshop on the etiquette of table setting.

For fun, the Poles organized a game, which involved finding a building in the city depicted in a photo. The students also had a scavenger hunt to find things like tangerines, advertising, tickets, pens, and business cards, asking strangers for help if necessary. The participants also had fun attending a master class on circus arts. According to coordinator of the program, Larissa Kondratenko, the children learned a lot from their counterparts from other countries and came away with many happy experiences.


  • “The trip to Poland with friendly people was great – it was an opportunity to relax and exchange with others a lot of positive emotions. It was nice to see representatives of other countries enjoy eating Ukrainian dishes. I’ve made new friends, and now I’m in touch with them on the Internet!”
  • “It was a truly wonderful visit. There were a lot of different and interesting things to do. For example, role-playing like we were human chess pieces. Every day we played volleyball, soccer or other games. We had a juggling lesson, too, that was great! Also, the evening of Polish and German sharing of food was fun. We Ukrainians presented pancakes with cottage cheese and chocolate. I like Polish and Germany national dishes too. We were all having such a good time it was hard to leave. The time went by so fast.”
  • “One of the rules of this project was that every evening, each group had to present the customs and traditions of their country and prepare a national dinner and dessert. I will say that I am proud that we have indeed managed to impress the Germans and Poles with Ukrainian borsch and pancakes with cottage cheese. I cannot tell you enough about the Circus Arts lessons, which were conducted by a very young but talented girl named Kasha. While trying to learn how to juggle balls, we forgot about our troubles and problems and discovered the world of peace and harmony. When the project ended, it was hard to leave my new friends. We were like one big family. This trip will forever remain in the hearts of every one of us.”
  • “The program for the project was planned very carefully and wisely. The classes were held in an interesting and very exciting form, more like playing than anything. At the end of the project leaders noted that our group was the most cohesive of many others. Everyone wanted to prolong the farewell party for at least another hour because we were all very reluctant to leave. I really liked the trip and hope that the next adventure will be equally interesting!”