"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Czech expert visits Sumy to answer questions on Euro Integration

On 24-29 November Sumy was visited by Mr. Tomas Weiss, an expert on Euro Integration from the Czech Republic. Invited by the NGO Center for European Initiatives, the visit was part of a Ukraine-Czech Program of Expert Support of Pro-European Organizations in Ukraine in the field of Euro Integration in the City.

As part of the Expert Visit, meetings were planned for consultation and practical advice regarding the activity of the organization; there was a visit to, and meeting with, the representatives of the local authorities; and a meeting with the leaders of youth Euroclubs.

One of primary results of the Expert Visit was the development of a project for a regional program to provide public information about Euro Integration in Ukraine. This project was presented to the representatives of Sumy Oblast Administration and the Regional Rada. They showed a personal interest in knowing more about the Czech experience in joining the EU, as well as in a further Ukrainian–Czech collaboration.

During a meeting with school children of Sumy, the expert told about programs for receiving higher education in EU countries for university entrants from Ukraine.

During a meeting with leaders of the Sumy Network of Youth Euroclubs, leaders discussed the possibility of future partnerships and projects between pro European youth of Ukraine and youth of the Czech Republic.

On the next to last day of his visit the expert conducted a training for workers and volunteers of the organization about the functions of the European Union, the history and origin of the EU, the distribution of duties between EU Institutions; and the process of transparency and decision making between the EU member countries.

By the end of the visit joint interest was certain and plans were made for future collaboration. The expert also made suggestions for support in our search for partners for future projects between Ukraine and the Czech Republic.


  • Institute of European Policy, EUROPEUM;
  • Network of ProEuropean Organizations of Ukraine;
  • Donetsk Debate Center.


  • Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic;
  • International Renaissance Foundation.