"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Youth Exchange “Peace in your heart”, Germany, July 2011

Euroclub members from Sumy and the Sumy region participated in the project, "Peace in your Heart,” which took place in the youth center Hirshlyuh, in the German city of Shtorkov from 12 to 22 July 2011. Students from Germany, Poland, and Georgia studied the art of photography. The project was implemented by the German organization, Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit eV, and supported by the EU program, "Youth in Action.” The Center for European Initiatives in Sumy partnered in organizing the program.

Within ten days, twenty participants learned to look at the world through the camera lens. Participants were offered master classes on photography equipment, "playing with light", digital photography and more. During the workshop they realized that photography is a true art which has its own subtleties, revealing aspects of humanity and the environment in which we live that we may not be aware. The students learned that the watchful eye of a photographer and a good lens can record a wider and more vivid world. The results of their new technical and artistic skills were displayed in a photo exhibition, held in the library of Shtorkov, the opening of which the city’s Mayor attended. Each participant presented to the German public and German tourists their best pictures, which the students had framed themselves.

The project included a trip to Berlin and visits to the German Parliament buildings and the Reichstag museum. For them it was a real thrill for them to visit the place where German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets government. The evenings were spent in cultural surroundings and the enjoyment of intercultural communication. Participants from Sumy gave gifts of Ukrainian chocolates and the book, "Faces of the Sumy Region,” to their new foreign friends.

According to participants, the project was ten days of an intense and extremely interesting program in an atmosphere of creativity and beauty. The participants from Ukraine and Poland have decided to hold a similar project in a Polish city this October.