"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Youth Exchange “Youth Against Corruption”

Over a period of 10 days active and energetic youth from four European countries worked together to jointly understand the reasons for and consequences of problems in modern society leading to corruption. Why does corruption exist? How does it influence our lives? How can it be overcome? What can young people do?

During discussions, lectures, and while working in teams the youth were able to share stories from their homelands, hear stories of other participants, and together to make an attempt find answers to the question: What exactly can YOU do to overcome corruption in your country?

The result was a theatrical performance which took place at the end of project. The creative ideas of the participants were used to produce the production which was then presented to representatives of city and region.

Youth Exchange from the eyes of two participants


  • Center for European Information, Sumy, Ukraine;
  • Association of Youth Welfare and Social Work, Furstenwalde, Germany;
  • Association “Amikus,” Bialystok, Poland;
  • Student Youth Council, Ozurgeti, Georgia.

Supported by: Youth in Action

Date conducted: 17-26 February 2008

Place conducted: Sumy, Ukraine

Participants: 40 youth from four countries (10 each from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Georgia) aged 20-25 years

Exchange language: English

Exchange products:

  • theatrical presentation for invited guests from Sumy (24 February 2008);
  • video “Youth Against Corruption” (languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Georgian, Russian. If you have questions or would like to receive a copy contact CEI).