"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Announcing a competition to create the best logo and slogan for the theme European Year of Creativity and Innovation in Ukraine

Cat: Євроклуб, Конкурси

As part of the project Support for the Ukrainian Network of Euroclubs, the Ukrainian European Studies Association and the Office of European Commission in Ukraine invite Euroclubs to take part in a competition for the best logo and slogan with the theme European Year of Creativity and Innovation in Ukraine.

Seminar-training Camp EXCITE for teachers 7-8-9 November, 2008

Cat: Camp Excite, Неформальна освіта

Camp EXCITE for teachers was a response to numerous requests by teachers of English wanting to work with US Peace Corps volunteers to learn new teaching methods and techniques, and to increase their professional qualifications.

You are invited to Camp Excite 18-19 October, 2008

Cat: Camp Excite

Camp Excite Mini is for participants with a good level of English. The theme for this weekend — Crafts & Sports.