"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

03.08.15 16:44

“The Academy of Citizen”: impressions of participants


From the 19th to the 27th of July near the city Lublin (Poland) “The Academy of Citizen” for 20 youth activists from Sumy and Sumy area took place. The event was organized by Sumy NGO “Center for European Initiatives” and Foundation “SEMPRE A FRENTE”.

The purpose of the academy was to train people who want changes in their own communities, those fine points of non-formal education, without which it is difficult to imagine a social activity: the development of leadership skills, distribution of roles and teamwork, time management, writing and analysis of a social project during the development phase and at the final stage, enforcing relevant to community issues.

As a result of joint work 4 groups of 5 people have turned 4 ideas that would soon be implemented in Sumy. One of them is about the ecological issue, and three are aimed at the development of young Sumy citizens through new methods of informal education. Follow announcements of events on the web-site and on the pages of social networks.

But not only work… During the visit excursions to the city Kazimierz Dolny have been organized for the participants, where Sumy youth was acquainted with the beauty of city and its historical sights of edge. It is extra pleasant to know, that Ukrainians helped to rebuild a city after the flood in 2010. For better understanding Kazimierz Dolny, with the population of about 4000 people, has fantastically developed infrastructure and the city is full of tourists, that arrive here to observe the Hill of Three Crosses, castle ruins, the Defensive tower of ХІІІ and houses of Pryshybliv. The ferry excursion by Wisla was especially remarkable.

Also activists managed to have a good time in Lublin. First of all organizers offered “Lublin City – game” after which the city became as the native one. By the way, since 2013 Sumy and Lublin have become partner cities. This information is reported on the golden plaque of the city Council of this Polish city.

More over the participants were impressed by the beauty and creativity of the Street Art Festival with its tightrope walker in the middle of the city, below the point music and play areas, the acrobatic and circus tricks, big evening concert. You needed only to have time to move from one event to another.

Vladyslav Dibrova, a participant of “The Academy of Citizen”: “Thank to the organizers for new knowledge and for the presentation of the information under unusual visual angle. It was pleasant to get to the surrounding where you know everyone and everyone knows you, and all our thoughts and actions were directed to the improving of the society. Also enormous gratitude is for the opportunity to see Poland and those changes which were after its accession to the European Union. Ukraine gradually goes the same way, but we still have the points to be reached.”

Andriy Kondratenko, a participant of “The Academy of Citizen”: "It’s not my first time at such events, but I have a good impression from the group - work. Our group managed to find common ground about the future project, although we were united without any previous agreement. We will work and involve the community in question of PET bottles reusing. I really want this project to be succeeded in Sumy.”