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12.02.09 13:48

Eco Sumy: The Cleanliness of The City – It’s in Our Hands


February, 27 through March 1, 2009 Sumy City NGO, Center for European Initiatives will conduct a training for school and university teachers on the topic of increasing the ecological consciousness of youth. This project is financed by the United States Peace Corps, and is supported by the Sumy Regional Teachers Postgraduate Institute; Sumy Regional State Ecological Inspection; SumyKomuntrans, LTD; and the Sumy Regional State Administration Department of Science and Education.

Eco Sumy - is a collaborative educational program, directed at increasing citizen awareness of the need for environmental protection and making popular the idea of a clean Sumy. Trash in the city and suburbs is obvious, people must fully understand the seriousness of this problem. The purpose of the project is to attract as many Sumy residents as possible to support living in a clean town.

Organizers will provide teachers with training and materials for ecological studies as well as support them in helping their students/pupils create public ecological projects which will become the basis for beginning an ecological education campaign for the general population. This approach is geared toward creating focus on the ecological problems in the city of Sumy.

Participants: teachers of schools and higher educational establishments in Sumy and Sumska Region with a personal interest in ecological subjects

Housing: organization will provide housing for participants from other cities

Meals: lunch and coffee breaks will be included

To Participate: participant must return application (no later than 20 February)

Detailed information will be provided on an individual basis, upon receipt of questionnaire.

Attachments: application

Send your completed application to the following e-mail address: