"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

10.05.11 17:50

Day of Europe in Sumy 2010

By: Інна Битюк

Although traditionally a holiday celebrated in Ukraine on the third Saturday of May, students in Sumy prepared and celebrated it much longer in Sumy. In conjunction with its network of Euro Clubs, NGO Center for European Initiatives planned and implemented the preparations for the third consecutive year, beginning the celebration two months before Day of Europe. During this time they held various competitions on the knowledge, history, cultural life, and standards of human rights in the European Union.

In April and May there were two competitions for young people on the research and self-discovery of European styles of art in architecture in Ukraine. The winners won a tourist visit to celebrate Day of Europe in Chernivtsi. Through these competitions students had the opportunity to learn more, not only about his or her native country, but about the European powers as well.

The Day of Europe celebration on 15 May 2010 surprised many with its success. About 900 young people composed a parade which passed through the main street with flags and banners of the European Union. Euro Clubs from schools in Sumy, Konotop, and Romney participated. The parade area also was the scene of Lebedinskogo tents set up to represent over 20 European Union member countries. Citizens of Sumy were given European “passports” to visit the country studio tents where they could have a brief language course. European Volunteer Service volunteers associated with CEI from France, Germany and Czech Republic participated as studio language consultants. Studio gifts were handed out, and there was a "Wish Tree" decorated by children who made figures of colored salt dough, natural materials, and paintings on cloth. The celebration concluded on a merry note with a Euro Fest concert and disco on May 16 in City Park.

The Centre for European Initiatives (CEI) partnered with Sumy City Council to host an EU delegation visiting Ukraine. The International Renaissance Foundation and the Center for European Information at Sumy State University were also instrumental in making the Day of Europe celebration a great success. Support was received by LLC Enmalit "supermarket" bibliophile, TD Caravan ", JSC Sumy Manufacturing, LLC KIT, Sumi-Avto, UA Holding, ITALAVTO, and PP Zaichenko.