"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

29.07.15 16:11

A person starts understanding environment only when he meets it face to face


From June 27th to July 4th active volunteers of NGO “Center for European Initiatives” became the participants of international youth exchange «Youth in Europe – Action for Sustainable Development» which united the representatives of four countries: Germany, Poland, Belorus and Ukraine in Eurocamp (Helenesee, Germany). The project was organized by NGO SODI! Solidaritaetsdienst-international e.V., and supported by pewobe gGmbH.

Young people learnt about the ecological situation in Germany and visited the places, which are the brightest example of harmonic coexistence of a person and the nature. There was the unforgettable meeting with Dr. Shultz who share the information about the alternative sources of energy and underlined their urgency for the sustainable eco-friendly future.

Forest rangers described the history of the local forest, its flora and fauna. The participants were impressed by the fact how untouchable is the nature in spite of its position in the resort zone and how many efforts the rangers made to save it.

It was surprising for the Ukrainian participants to find themselves in the real German countryside Berlin Falkenberg Dorfkarte. It seems that you were in Grandparents’ village in Ukraine. Youth saw how German people grow potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, onion etc. Organizes proposed all participants to plant the trees. How pleasant is the idea that the tree, which was planted by the Ukrainian hands will be growing on the German land. Ukrainian group also brought the part of Germany to Ukraine and next year the German sunflowers will be blooming under the Ukrainian sky.

One sunny day the participants of the project visited a fairy-tale called “Wild Park”, where they touched the nature in all senses. They met roe deer, prairie dogs, sheep, different kinds of goats, wild pigs, peacocks, parrots, a fox, raccoons, guinea pigs, rabbits which don’t afraid of people and happy to be fed by them. It is hard to believe that during the last century it was a military target range for training shooters. It was also pleasant to know that the organization Gronefelder Werkstaetten (Frankfurt (Oder) helps ill children from Sumy, Ukraine.

Qualitative and healthy rest is possible only in the eco-friendly environment – this is the main idea of the organizers of the entertainment tourist park “Arbora” in Bad Sarrow. Young people felt themselves modern Tarzans. Using the professional equipment, they climbed from a tree to a tree; the breath was captured from the beauty of the top-trees high. The rest on the shore of the lake in the company of the swans and different kind of the ducks was relaxing after the active climbing.

Participants got the positive motivation charge and they are ready to spread the ideas and implement the experience into practice in their own countries. During the project the participants made the conclusion that German people cares about their natural resources, the condition of woods, lakes, air, mate a lot of efforts to save the nature in the virgin state to give the descendants the chance to enjoy the surrounding beauty.