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From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

15.08.11 13:32

International Camp in Koblevo 2011

By: Інна Битюк

From 27 June to 8 July, 59 young people aged 10 to 16 years participated in an international seaside summer camp in Koblevo, a Black Sea beach resort not far from Odessa. The camp was organized by the Center for European Initiatives with the theme “Leadership and Creativity”. This year's summer camp in Koblevo was held with the participation of volunteers from the United States, Germany and Poland.

Students participated in various creative workshops on yoga, sand art, make-up, drawing, hot-air balloon making, plaster hand-print stamping, and language animations. For fun, scavenger and quest hunts where held, sport and dance competitions enjoyed, and disco nights each evening listening to popular music. Delicious meals—breakfast, lunch, dinner—were prepared and served by the resort staff in the canteen.

Leadership skills naturally emerged through involvement is sport and group activities as students stepped forward to lead and won acceptance in the role from other campers. Foreign language improved as workshops were led by the volunteers in the English language and individual Polish and German language workshops. A day trip into the city of Odessa was exciting for the students and deepened their knowledge of Ukrainian history, which included a tour of the catacombs. The salty air of the sea, the water sports and sunning on the beach, the making of new friends, and the opportunity to express their creativity and develop leadership skills made for an unforgettable experience that was both fun and rewarding in terms of gained confidence and motivation to pursue a fruitful life.

Testimonials from students:

"I am very grateful to the organizing team for a camp so interesting to study English. It was very interesting to work with volunteers from different countries and learn a lot from them."

"Last year I also went to the camp, but this year was more fun because of more interesting excursions and activities. I really liked the tour and Odessa catacombs ... "

"Probably everyone wants to get here. Camp is very interesting and instructive. I liked the work-shops, quests, various competitions and entertainment. And I liked our volunteers ... Next year I will visit this camp and will wait for new contests, quests and volunteers! "

"Classes for the entire period I really liked it, because we learned a lot. Now I can do tsehlovu hand, layers, multi-colored sand, I know a lot of new words in Polish. I am very thankful to the camp because it taught me! Different sports games lifted spirits, made us observant ... I thank you all for science! I hope that I remember those days forever. "

"Every day was painted by minute. And I had no time for sadness and boredom ... "

"I'm in the camp for the first time ... I learned a lot. If you honestly, I did not even suspect, how interesting "

"These holidays will remain a bright spot in my memory. It was fun, interesting and informative. Many children from the camp have become my friends."

"Most of all I liked very interesting activities with volunteers, as well as I vstrelila there are a lot of girlfriends and friends ... And if next year will be a possibility, I will definitely come here"

«It was amasing. First of all our volonteers. They are really great people. They gave us many interesting ideas about new games or new knowledge»

«From the first day we understood that it would be the best ten days in our life…I recommend this camp to all teens»

«Frankly speaking, it was one of the best rests in my life. Everything was great, cool, sometimes, I don’t have enough words to describe all my emotions and feelings… I like that we live here like a big friendly family. And if I had I chance, I would like to visit this camp again next year».