"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

26.04.15 21:50

Youth Exhchange in Georgia "Talk Democracy, Walk Democracy": results


During March 30-April 9 2015 6 young people from the NGO "Center For European Initiatives" took part in the international youth exchange program "Talk Democracy, Walk Democracy" in Georgia (International Scout Center Rustavi) funded by "Erasmus+" program. Participants from 6 countries (Georgia, Sweden, Spain, Croatia, Estonia and Ukraine) learnt about democratic institutes and mechanisms as well as youth policy in the participating countries of the exchange.

The project was organized by a Swedish NGO "Active Ukrainians in Europe" and a Georgian "Institute for Democratic Changes" (IDC). IDC has developed and implemented a very exciting program that included different elements (simulation game, role play, debates, exercise etc.). It helped participants to learn about the work and structure of the democracy’ institutions in the EU countries.

Participants of the project had an opportunity to meet with the representatives of the youth sector and visit the Parliament, Ministry of Sport and the Youth affaires of Georgia, The Supreme Court and The National Children and Youth center in Tbilisi.

In addition to the official program there were an intercultural night, a tour to Tbilisi and a traditional Georgian dinner (Supra). As a result, the participants got acquainted with culture, traditions and history of Georgia.

"Since I have participated in the youth exchange program for the first time it was really interesting to deepen my knowledge in the field of democracy and its principles. I developed my skills in public speaking and presentation. I'm impressed with the hospitality of the Georgian people" – Tamila Prohonna.

"After the 10 days of this exchange I have discovered new possibilities, which the Erasmus+ gives to young people. Also, I was impressed with the friendliness and hospitality of the Georgian people, their customs, dances and culture" – Maryna Tonkoshkur.

"I took part in international youth exchanges before. I really like the organization and program. Especially I want to mention a session, that was performed by great coaches from Georgia – Nino Tsulaya and Ucho Yakobidze. I also got a lot of information about the culture and customs of the countries participating in the exchange by taking part in the intercultural evening" - Dmitriy Hlushchenko.

The Ukrainian team was interested to know the participants’ opinion on Ukraine and its people.

"You are very well organized, have an amazing leader, friendly and very active" - Anna (Georgia).

"Open and generous. I’m really concerned about your problems in Ukraine" - Alex (Estonia).

"I thought that youngsters are not fighters for democracy in Ukraine, but now I changed my opinion and I see the real aspiration to go for a democracy" – Mariam (Georgia).

"Your team is united. Ukrainians are really close to us. We are worried about your political situations" – Stina (Estonia).

"You are all quite different. You are patriots, like parties and joke a lot" – Dani (Croatia).

"Beautiful people, I really enjoyed taking part in this project with you" – Miguel (Spain).

The Ukrainian group would like to thank the organizers "Active Ukrainians in Europe" and "Institute for Democratic Changes" for the good work as well as all participants of the exchange. We are sure that the knowledge and experience gained in the project will help us in building a modern democratic European society.