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03.08.11 15:00

The Open Call for Participants of the International Training Course for Youth Leaders “Intercultural Facilitation for Preventing Discrimination”


Youth leaders from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Moldova and Russian Federation (border regions with Ukraine) are invited to participate in the international training course “Intercultural Facilitation for preventing Discrimination” which will take place on 09-15 October 2011 in Sumy, Ukraine. The project is realized by Center for European Initiatives NGO (Sumy, Ukraine) and Happy Childhood Foundation (Lublin, Poland) with the support of European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

The project aims at preventing discrimination and conflicts caused by intercultural misunderstanding towards national minorities particularly through intercultural facilitation.

The goals of the training course are:

  • increase the awareness on the necessity of preventing discrimination and prejudice of intercultural conflicts among youth from 6 countries;
  • train youth workers from 6 countries in method of intercultural facilitation that will contribute to the use and dissemination of this technique in the future;
  • break stereotypes, improve attitude towards national minorities through initiatives conducted by the project participants in their communities;
  • establish communication and further cooperation between representatives of organizations from the project countries, planning future projects.

The main method which will be used at the training course is intercultural facilitation. The activities will be based on non-formal learning and active participation principles including some tools developed by the CoE in the field of Human Rights. Within the training programmes there will be such elements as methods of facilitation, the role of facilitator in an intercultural conflict, effective intercultural communication and facilitation, conflict-free communication, simulation activities of minorities and majorities cooperation, roots and types of intercultural conflicts, barriers and ways of conflict resolution, language of conflict resolution, future initiatives development.

Requirements to participants:

  • age: 18-30 years old;
  • youth workers and youth leaders;
  • having possibility to multiply gained knowledge;
  • having great motivation and enthusiasm;
  • experience in NGO field, management, managing initiative groups;
  • English language Skills – intermediate.

The organizers cover accommodation, food and 70% of the travel costs for the participants of the training course (within the limited budget for every country participating in the training course).

The participation fee in the training course is 15 EUR. To take part in the training course, please, fill in the online application form.

Deadline for submitting of application forms: 5 September 2011.

If you need help, have questions or need further information please contact: Julia Sakunova (Center for European Initiatives,, phone: +38 099 641 41 85 (mobile), e-mail:

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