"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

11.06.14 16:22

CHEE – Culture, Heritage, Entrepreunership, Employability


In a warm and sunny week 24 youth workers from Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Armenia and Georgia got together in sunny Recoaro Terme in Italy, a beautiful place between the mountains. This is a small village, and it used to be very attractive place for the tourists, but in the last ten years the number of people here is decreasing.

We all come from small places like Recoaro and face the same problems. So we would like to learn from each other how to protect their culture, rural areas and local communities in the Erasmus Plus programme. The seminar is called “CHEE – Culture, Heritage, Entrepreunership, Employability”, and we're going to learn how to make our places better. As the participants of a seminar, we have some expectations of this event. We all feel the same need to learn how to manage people, make connections among nations, get intercultural experience and friends, because relationsips are also very important.

Borka, Hungary: "I'm very happy to be here, I love Italy. I'm excited for the days we'll spend here! As for the preparation, it was very useful to make a research on our local cultural values, because you don't always have time to think about all peculiarities of them in ordinary life, and it's worth it."

Rita and Imar, Spain: "Of course, it's meeting new people, getting to know the culture of other countries. It's amazing what you can do and discover together with people from different places. From our culture we want to contribute that it's important to be happy."

Oksana, Yuriy & Svitlana, Ukraine: "For Ukraine the topic of the seminar is very important as never before. Our country is challenging future life of their youth especially in rural areas. A lot depends on the leadership & activity of local communities. So it’ll be useful for us being here, learning the ways of encouraging, motivation & entrepreunership of young people. We enioy Italian hospitality, beautiful nature and skillful fascilitators of the seminar."

Giorgi and Irakli, Georgia: "Georgia is a small country with one of the oldest cultures. We've had 6 wars in the past 20 years and peace is what we all need. We have a mixed culture, influenced by both Europe and Asia, and there's a lot to share. What we want to learn is how to develop the rural areas of our country and how to tackle all the problems that exist there."

Endre Kiss and Mara A'rvai, the facitators of the seminar, reveal a bit of mystery about what will be going on: "The most important thing is not only learning the information, but non-formal learning all together in a big group. What exactly will happen is a secret now, but for sure non-formal educational methods will be used. There will be group tasks, individual tasks and totally crazy tasks. This is the fourth training course on this topic that we facilitate, so there's nothing to worry about. Hopefully, at the end of week everyne will be satisfied: local people, organisers and of course the participants. This is just the starting, so let's wait and see, and enjoy it all together."

Aliaksandra Peralaika, Gabriela Gosi