"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

27.07.09 13:40

Annual Euroclub camp "EUROPLEINAIR – 2009"


31 May - 1 June Sumy Euroclub’s "Europleinair" was a traditional campout, held on the territory of "Green Woods."

The main purpose of this “EuroPleinair” was to use non-formal education to support Euroclub initiatives, to conclude the 2008/2009 school year, and to encourage further activity and collaboration among Euroclubs.

This was the second annual "Europleinair" and was attended by a larger number Euroclubs as compared to last year. Based on feedback from participants this year's pleinair was better and more interesting. Euroclub members had the opportunity to take part in competitions, a Euro foot quest, and a training about children's rights. Workshops were conducted by Sumy NGO Center for European Initiatives.

Each Euroclub created a presentation, during which club members and coordinators showed their creativity based on the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Peace Corps Volunteers encouraged the youth to participate in various energizers and team games, which helped rally participants. One main exercise was a training discussing the importance of child rights and protection. Through discussion and teamwork participants were able to understand the importance of various rights and determine the extent to which they are reserved and performed in ours, and other European countries.

Additionally, this year participants took part in a debate, facilitated by representatives of the Debate Club from Sumy State University. Youth learned the techniques of conducting a debate and discussed the issue of paid higher education.

"Europleinair – 2009" played an integrative role as well, because participants were not only from Euroclubs of Sumy, but from the region. Interesting activities allowed youth to establish new contacts and acquaintances, and to work together to find relevant solutions for today's pressing youth issues.

All were satisfied with this event:

"This is the second time I participated in the Europleinair. I'm very pleased because I found many new friends, learned new information about the EU and the Rights of Children. These topics are very current so I think they should be known by all the citizens of Ukraine. Also we had various competitions. I liked the Quest the most. I would gladly go next year to the Europleinair."

(Zhurova A. (Member of Euroclub Number 1 (Sumy Specialized School No. 1))

"I'm incredibly pleased with this Europleinair, it was very interesting ...

The organizers gave us the opportunity to meet and evaluate our performance for the year and to think about the next productive cooperation and to learn a lot!!!"

(Members Euroclub Number 1 (Sumy Specialized School No. 1))


The event was supported by the NGO European Dialogue’s program European Champions of Education. This program is implemented with financial support from the Stefan Batory Foundation through the Civil Initiative in Eastern Europe, which is financed by the Ford Foundation and the support of Sumy Oblast Education Department.