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From the Statute of
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10.05.11 17:39

Week of Creativity in Germany

By: Оксана Бондаренко

July 8-18 2010 – The Youth Center, Hirshlyuh (Shtorkov, Germany), was the site of the annual Week of Creativity. Attending were 45 young, talented people from Ukraine, Poland and Germany who gathered to enjoy a cultural experience of art and creativity. The event was organized in association with the Youth Care and Social Work (Fyurstenvalde, Germany) and partners, Centre for European Initiatives (Sumy, Ukraine) and the Happy Childhood Foundation (Lublin, Poland).

Classes began with workshops to introduce the participants and encourage their active integration into the group through a variety of fun games. The weather was very hot, so fortunately workshops took place in the woods near a lake, where, in a simple and unpretentious atmosphere, people relaxed and became better acquainted.

The program included a day trip to Berlin, where young people visited historical and cultural monuments. The organizers divided the excursion opportunity into two groups: those who had visited the area before, and those who had not visited the more traditional areas of Berlin, in particular Prentslauerbeth Quarter. The two very interesting excursions emphasized the cultural and artistic diversity of the German capital.

During the very active program, talented Ukrainian and Polish nationals had the opportunity to present the history and customs of their countries to the German public. At this year's Week of Creativity, 8 workshops were held. Among them:

  • Music Theatre
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Choral singing
  • Miming
  • Filtsevannya (pulling wool)
  • Drama Theatre
  • Dance Theatre

Everyone had a chance to try the workshops, share their experiences and learn from the masters of Germany. Workshop participants ended the 10-day program on 17 July with fantastic artistic presentations. The best performance could not be determined because they were all very impressive in their originality and professionalism. This year the theater and dance studios combined their efforts in a wonderful public performance of Shakespeare's “Midsummer Night's Dream.”

Time flies unnoticed, and so it happened to us. It seemed we had just arrived, and here we were already returning home. Although the exchange had lasted only ten days, the time had not passed in vain for any one of us. We returned home more experienced, stronger and confident in ourselves and ready to take on the challenges of life.