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From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

31.08.11 08:26


By: Оксана Бондаренко

4-14 August youth center Hirschluch (Storkow, Germany) hosted the youth exchange. This unforgettable place was again the venue for the annual week of creativity where young talented people from Ukraine, Poland and Germany took part. During 10 days all participants were immersed in the atmosphere of art and creativity.

Organized by: Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit e.V., Fürstenwalde, Germany.


  • CEI, Sumy, Ukraine;
  • Foundation «Happy Childhood», Lublin, Poland.

 As every year, the workshops began on the 7th of August. The first three days were devoted to the active integration and getting to know each other by means of different games. We got lucky with the weather and the group could try their hands at kayaking and canoeing on the lake not far from the camp. This gave the participants a unique opportunity not only to have a look at the place where they were to spend the next 10 days, but to get acquainted and befriend one another.

To the integration program also belonged the trip to Berlin. Young people had the opportunity to see numerous historical and cultural memorials. Same as last year, the organizers decided to split the participants into two groups: those who have already been to this unforgettable city and those who were yet to have their first meeting with it. That is why there were two absolutely different excursion programs: the first one was more traditional (a walk around the Regierungszentrum of Berlin), the second one included more common places, where Berliners themselves hang out.

So, the first three days helped the participants to get to know each other and to get ready for the bright Ukrainian-Polish national evening, where young people presented their history, customs and traditions of their countries to the German public. After that there was a little buffet, where the guests had the opportunity to try some national dishes from Poland and Ukraine.

This year there were 8 workshops presented. Among them:

  • Orchestra \ music Band;
  • Graphics;
  • Digital Photography;
  • Analog Photography; 
  • Doll making;
  • Light objects ( the making of lamps);
  • Theatre;
  • Dance theatre.

Every participant got a chance to try one’s hand at this or that workshop, share one’s experience and learn from the German professionals. The workshop classes ended on the 13th of August with fantastic presentations. One cannot name the best presentation; they all impressed the audience with their originality and professional approach.

We didn’t even have the opportunity to start missing home but it was time to come back. With tears in our eyes we said good bye to the organizers and participants of the exchange, but we want to believe that it’s only until next year.