"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

12.08.09 07:38

Week of creativity in Germany – "Transformation"


16-26 July creative and active youth from Ukraine, Poland and Germany met in the youth center Hirshluh (Shtorkov, Germany), for 10 days filled with art and creativity. This “Week of Creativity” was a collaboration between the Association of Youth Welfare and Social Work (Germany), the Center of European Initiatives (Ukraine) and the Foundation Happy Childhood (Poland).

Creative workshops began 19 July, but that does not mean that the girls and boys were bored before that time. The first three days provided an active period of integration for the international group. Various tasks, games, and teambuilding helped build understanding between the parties.

A trip to the small town of Furstenwalde made for powerful teambuilding where youth teamed up in kayaks, and also visited a Youth Festival. Even gloomy weather, and occasional rain, did not spoil the memories of this day. The integration program also included a day trip to Berlin, where the youth visited historical and cultural monuments. A separate trip to the capital of Germany included a visit to the Underground museum, which portrayed the history of war in Berlin.

The three days of constant communication with each other helped in preparing for a bright Ukrainian-Polish evening, where the youth presented the history, customs, and traditions of their countries to the Germans. At the end of the evening visitors were treated to national foods of Poland and Ukraine.

This year's Week of creativity consisted of 7 workshops. They were:

  • Theatrical Dance;
  • Visual Arts;
  • Mastering photography;
  • Choir;
  • Creating musical instruments;
  • Workshop on ceramics and pottery;
  • Theater.

Training workshops ended with fantastic presentations on 26 July. They showed miniature and innovative approaches in fine arts, photography, production of unusual instruments and pottery, avant-garde dance, and theater production.

The best part was communicating with interesting youth from different countries, which made the time pass very quickly. With the completion of the last photo exhibit late in the evening, nobody wanted to go to sleep, because everyone knew that this was the last night that they would have an opportunity to spend time together. Sadly all departed. There were tears, laughter, and heated embraces. All will remain friends forever.