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From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

13.08.15 14:55

Situational Leadership and Teamwork Training for Youth


On June, 31, in a picturesque area near Sumy, 40 active students from the I-st and II-d level educational establishments of Sumy region (aged from 15 to 19) took part in the training program “Teamwork and Situational Leadership”.

Training course was prepared and conducted by Diana Dubynska and Danylo Skachkov (Sumy City Youth Leasure Center), Karina Nechak (Center for European Initiatives), Tetiana Zakrevska (Sumy Oblast Youth NGO "Student Brotherhood of Sumy Region"), Nataliia Domnych (Sumy Society for the Protection of Animals). The line-up of the team was defined in Poland on the “The Academy of Citizen” training course organised by Foundation Sempre a Frente (Poland, Lublin) in cooperation with Center for European Initiatives (Sumy, Ukraine), which was aimed at local project’s development and implementation.

As a result of our team work, 3 hours-mini-project was developed. We were very lucky, as on returning home, there was summer youth camp "School of Young Leader" and the organizers agreed to host us and allocate time for conducting our training. We are very thankful for that chance!

The main goals of our training were providing opportunities and creating conditions for participants to let them feel like a leader, to reveal their leadership potential and to try team work. We also aimed to share European experience of conducting trainings, as we ourselves have just returned from the suchlike program. Aims were achieved by means of educational games and informative sessions.

Having Leadership as the main topic of the training, we discussed the following aspects: which people are called “leaders”; what features of character and behavior they have; types of leaders. Due to the integration of non-formal learning techniques, getting to know each other games, games for self-exploring, participants learned how to assess their leadership skills adequately, understand their role in a team, form their attitude towards others. The most interesting games were “Getting to know each other”, “I am a Leader”, “My world and me”.

Three hours have passed quickly. We hope the time we spent was productive and interesting. Participants expressed desire to keep in touch with our team, and we are glad to support this initiative!

Inna Marchenko, participant of the training: "I liked everything a lot, especially our acquaintance – it was very interesting and informative to know some facts/stories about each participant. It’s was great and high level program, I would like to take part in such trainings in future! Thanks!"

Karina Nechak
(Center for European Initiatives)