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10.05.11 17:45

Training Course for Coordinators of International Youth Exchanges in Poland

Category: Оголошення


Week 7 to June 13, 2010 25 - Young people from three countries (Germany, Ukraine, Poland) aged 18 to 25 years studied the organization and management of international youth exchanges. The event was organized by Happy Childhood Foundation (Poland) with the partnership of the Center for European Initiatives (Sumy, Ukraine) and the Association for Youth Welfare Services and Social Work (Germany).

The program's participants discussed the basics of youth exchange and learned more about the use of methods that promote teambuilding and the creation of an atmosphere of cooperation in international exchange groups.

Coaches talked in detail about the most common problems of youth exchange programs and ways to address them. Discussions were held on how to design methods of project development, the interest in learning a new language to enjoy international exchanges, and how to work with an interpreter to animate a presentation to make it more interesting and understandable.

Especially enjoyable was getting acquainted with each other and learning more about the culture and traditions of Ukrainians, Germans and Poles. Part of the program was a tour of Lublin and a game designed to find the answers to questions about the history of Lublin. Thus we learned more about the wonderful city.