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From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

30.10.11 09:54

Exchange Program on EVS Volunteering Held in Prague

By: Інна Битюк

15-27 August, 2011 - Representatives from six European countries participated in a European Volunteer Service “Crossing Borders” exchange event, with support by the “Youth in Action” program of the European Union.

Representatives from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Estonia met in Prague to learn how to become a EVS participant. Information and promotional events were also held to inform residents and guests of Prague about the program. Partner of the project in Ukraine was NGO "Center for European Initiatives", which host EVS volunteers and promoted the “Crossing Borders” initiative in Prague by holding classes on intercultural communication, the purpose and benefits of volunteering, and the status of volunteerism in each of the participating countries.


During the promotional events, participants drew Prague residents' attention using the “flashmob” technique (participants made shirts with slogans and pictures and posed wearing them to celebrate European Voluntary Service). This drew the attention of passersby to the "live sculpture" who handed out information sheets to the public and answered their questions about EVS. Examples of slogans on the shirts designed by the participants were «Be cool - be EVS», «Sex, Volunteerism and Rock-&-Roll», «Just do it», "I am doing it - EVS" and others. In a crowded area of Prague, the young shirt designers photographed themselves wearing masks of famous people that they would later put on their FaceBook. It was gratifying that the locals enjoyed the antics of the participants, as well as learning a lot about the purpose of the EVS program.