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Competition for local projects among Sumy Euroclubs

Summary of the results of the competition for local projects among Sumy Euroclubs

The Center for European Information, with the support of Sumy NGO Center for European Initiatives, announces local projects among Sumy school Euroclubs

Purpose of the competition - to increase the awareness of school children of current problems in the city, to develop solutions, and to increase the awareness of the whole community


  • to develop new solutions for old problems
  • to draw the attention of city residents to the problems
  • to motivate youth and give them an opportunity to identify important issues

Project theme priorities:

  • Healthy lifestyles: promoting and encouraging sports, avoiding harmful habits;
  • Developing tourism in the region: development of a tourism infrastructure;
  • Environmental issues (collection and disposal of household waste in rural areas, forests, lakes, rivers, etc.) Using various measures of direct action by formal public and informal groups;
  • Active involvement and motivation of citizens and government representatives to participate in volunteer initiatives to address social and cultural problems of the local community
  • Development of youth initiatives for children and teenagers.

Who can participate in the project competition:

Teams of Sumy school Euroclubs, of 5 -10 students aged 14-17 years and 1 teacher-coordinator.

What you need to take part:

For participation please register your team by January 29, 2009, submitting information about your team and the subject of your project. This can be done by sending a confirmation e-mail to the organization.

In February, teams need to find partners for their project. During February-March CEI employees and Peace Corps volunteers are expected to provide advisory assistance to registered teams on the writing project.

Complete the application form (attached), submit two printed copies and send an electronic copy to the organization’s e-mail address.

After the filing projects will be compared and comments will be made. After this project will be returned to the participants for corrections. At the final stage employees will evaluate all submitted applications.

Results of the contest and award winners will be presented during the celebration of Days of Europe in May 2009.

Only those applications that meet all necessary requirements will be considered.

Applications filed later than the due date, will not be considered for the competition.

Projects will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • The project meets the needs of, and addresses specific problems of, target groups who receive benefit with the implementation of the project. Widespread involvement of residents in the project.
  • The importance and urgency of solving the problem of the chosen target group (e.g. the population as a whole, or a specific group, who will directly benefit from project implementation).
  • Specific goals and objectives, clearly defined and achievable, for a logical problem in connection with an intended purpose.
  • Participation of the project group.
  • Project plan.
  • Clear and consistent implementation, timing, and methods for fulfilling project objectives.
  • Logical, consistent and realistic project concept. The proposed measures are relevant and practical.
  • Expected results are achievable and measurable.
  • Involvement of project partners.
  • The budget is clear and detailed and proposed costs are necessary. The budget meets the project, its objectives, and the work plan.

Application form for participation

Guidelines for writing the project

Project Coordinator Julia Sakunova

+38 (097) 1086162