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From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Sumy Comprehensive School No. 23 "Environmental Offensive"

Project: "Environmental Offensive"

Project Creators: Sumy Comprehensive School No. 23, project coordinator Tatiana Kolesnik.

Goal: To draw the attention of children to environmental problems of our city and increase the number of student green groups through trainings for the 5th –10th classes of Sumy Comprehensive School No. 23 (28-30 students), for the period April-June 2009.

Objective: To encourage children to improve the ecological condition of the10th micro-region in Sumy and to plant an area of Sumy Comprehensive School No. 23.

Target audience: Residents of the the10th micro-region in Sumy, pupils of Sumy Comprehensive School No. 23.

Summary: The project "Environmental Offensive" was implemented by students and teachers of Sumy Comprehensive School No. 23 in April and May 2009 with financial support from the US Peace Corps and the organizational and technical support of NGO "Center for European Initiatives.

The project aims to impact the attitude of pupils and residents of the the10th micro-region in Sumy by increasing green space and doing ecological education for pupils. The project conducted an environmental training, during which students develop environmental posters aimed at the correct sorting of rubbish, which were presented to the local community. During the project students gained knowledge in sorting rubbish and learned to properly plant and care for trees.