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Sumy Specialized School No. 2 "Study of Noise Pollution in Sumy"

Project: "Study of Noise Pollution in Sumy"

Project Creators: Sumy Comprehensive School No. 2, project coordinator Oksana Kobzar.

Goal: To reduce noise pollution in the city: Groups of students of the 7th and 10th grades at Sumy Specialized School No. 2 measured sound levels in different parts of the city (30.03-29.05.09)

Objectives: To study the level of noise pollution around the school and city; to develop strategies for reducing noise around the school and city.

Target audience: Residents, pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 2.

Summary: Noise, noise, noise. It accompanies us around the clock, every day of the year. The dictionary definition of noise – noise is a disorderly combination of different forces and frequencies of sound; it can adversely affect the body. The source of noise is any process that causes oscillation.

In general, we all realize that noise is one of the most common adverse environmental factors, and this is significant in connection to urbanization and the mechanization of technological processes. The ancient Roman writer, Juvenal, wrote: "Many patients die in the capital, from insomnia.” At that time he was talking about the crash of wheels and curses of drivers on narrow streets. Since then much has changed, and in particular an increase in noise level. Headphones with loud music, alarms sounding at night outside your window, your neighbors doing repairs and drilling holes. The situation is difficult, especially now during the economic crisis, when you really need sleep and common sense. So where do we go with it?

The members of the scientific society of students of Sumy Specialized School No. 2 embarked on resolving this problem by creating “Cultivating Hope” under the direction of biology teacher O.V. Kobzar. The idea of resolving the problem of noise, came from Sumy Specialized School No. 2, D. Kosarenko, being a participant of the project EcoSumy conducted by, Sumy NGO Center for European Initiatives and US Peace Corps volunteers.

The school received a grant to research quantities of noise pollution. Using a special noise measuring device, which was provided by the laboratory of the Department of Ecology, students conducted a survey of the most noisy places in Sumy. Picked were such streets as: Kurska, Prospect M. Lushpi, and others. It appeared that the level of noise contamination is close the limit of health standards. This is especially true of main streets and crowded places. According to survey results, residents do not know how to protect themselves from this. There is the idea to use plastic windows, but they can only reduce the noise by half. A round table was held in our school on 20 May with experts on noise, where they proposed by a wide range of actions to reduce noise pollution, including the planting of greenery, use of the special materials in building, and maintenance of roads to reduce car noise. There is much that we can do.

Plant trees near your home and hang window shades - put carpet on the floor and a rubber mat under stereos - and your neighbors will sleep peacefully.

Keeping quiet and comfort in our own homes, we will help the country to manage with the problems of the modern world.

Oksana Kobzar
(teacher of biology, Project Coordinator
"Study of Noise Pollution in Sumy")

Results of the project  "Study of Noise Polution in Sumy"
Materials roundtable "Study of Noise Polution in Sumy"