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Sumy Specialized School No. 25 "EcoSumy Warning!"

Project: "EcoSumy Warning!"

Project creators: Sumy Specialized School No. 25, project coordinator Svitlana Meschaninova.

Goal: To create and print a booklet about the most common household substances harmful to the environment and distribute the booklet to educational institutions and public organizations in Sumy.

Objectives: To gather information about harmful household wastes discharged into the environment, conduct outreach to schools, and to develop and print a brochure on hazardous substances for school children and community organizations in Sumy.

Target audience: Pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 25 (grades 7-10), the school Euroclub.

Summary: "EcoSumy Warning!" - A project implemented by pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 25 from April to September 2009. The coordinator of the project was the biology teacher Svetlana Meshchaninov.

The aim was to study harmful substances, which are emitted into the environment, and create warning signs about these substances.

The project included an environmental education and training about personal responsibility for pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 25, in cooperation with Peace Corps volunteer Rebecca Rogers and trainer Julia Sakunova of NGO Center for European Initiatives. As part of a school campaign, the pupils held a school competition, “It’s Dangerous!” for pupils of classes 1-4 and 5-7 for creating symbols about hazardous substances. As a result of the project pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 25 created a brochure with information about hazardous substances and warning signs for them.

Project results: EcoSumy warning Enemies of Ecology