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From the Statute of
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Sumy Specialized School No. 9 "Dressing the School with Greenery"

Project: "Dressing the School with Greenery"

Project creators: Sumy Specialized School No. 9, project coordinator Tatiana Golubenko

Goal: Improvement of the territory of the school while using diverse educational training methods.

Objective: To establish in children, a responsible attitude towards nature, to build skills, and to educate the population about environmental issues. 

Target audience: Pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 9, their parents, pre-school children of Preschool No. 6.

Summary: "Dressing the School with Greenery" was implemented from April 9 to May 28, 2009 by pupils and teachers of Sumy Specialized School No. 9, with the financial support of the United States Peace Corps. The project included conducting an environmental training for pupils of Sumy Specialized School No. 9. Children developed and distributed booklets and planted 96 saplings of different species of trees and created an environmental group to continue environmental work in the school.