"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Week of Tolerance in Sumy

Nov 16 was International Tolerance Day, and during the week of 6-16 November Sumy held a Week of tolerance campaign. Planned in conjunction with the All Ukrainian campaign “Tolerance, as a way to Europe,” 20 educational establishments, Euroclubs, organizations of Sumy region, and the city of Sumy all participated. Sumy Center for European initiatives organized the event.

Pupils and students conducted various measures about tolerance in educational establishments, including: competitions, presentations, producing newspapers, etc. Additionally, 12 trainings on tolerance were conducted in city schools in which 90 children took part.

The final stage of the week long campaign was a mass action “Light a Candle for Tolerance,” held 15 November in the city center. More than 200 participants — pupils, students, teachers, parents, and city residents participated. Euroclubs brought handwritten placards and posters representing their active public position and their appeal for tolerance. Participants stated that it is not good to be indifferent to displays of intolerance in Ukrainian society. The lighting of candles was to promote tolerant conduct and respect for others.

During September and October, prior to the campaign, there was a competition for youth, pupils and students to create pictures, essays, works, histories, poems, slogans and videos, on the subject of tolerance. 437 works were created, including 84 works from participants in the Sumy area, with13 of those winning prize places.

Dates: 6-16 November 2008


  • 20 educational establishments conducted various measures on tolerance.
  • 12 school trainings were held, in which 90 children participated.
  • Light a Candle for Tolerance Mass Action with over 200 people attending.
  • 84 works with 13 winning prizes were submitted to the national slogan campaign.


  • Sumy educational establishments;
  • City of Sumy

Supporting Organization: All Ukrainian campaign “Tolerance, as a way to Europe” which were held by Vinnitsa Regional Center of Information “Creative” with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.