"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Euroclub "European Meridian" Basivska Comprehensive School

Motto: "Without being determined and motivated in what you are doing you will not have a positive outcome."

Organization: Basivska Comprehensive School, Sumy Region

Date of Euroclub creation: November 2008

Number of Euroclub members: 25

Average age of Euroclub participants: 14 years

President of Euroclub: Bogdan Victorovich Horobchenko

Coordinator of Euroclub: Lubov Fedorivna Dyachenko

Goals, interests, forms of activities

Purpose: to have European standards in our small village, training of active life position, interest in learning foreign languages.

Interests: depth and familiarity with cultural traditions, European mentality, discovering new people, travel to enrich knowledge of our native land, the revival of our village.


  • organizing meaningful recreational activities for pupils;
  • Country studies, including organizing a village museum, and a regional conference;
  • collecting information on European countries and disseminating the information to the public.

Completed projects

  • "Near and Far Countries in Europe." Each grade received a task to collect materials about a European country: general information, description of natural conditions and natural resources, specifics about people and cultural traditions. The collected materials were arranged in folders and class display boards.
  • A school informational board was created for the project. We will conduct a "Festival of European fairy tales." School kids will present skits based on Ukrainian fairy tales.
  • We gathered materials about the European country games, and as an activity for the Euroclub we taught other pupils how to play the games.

Looking for partners

For the project "My Village - Pearl of Sumy Region." Ready to cooperate with all who can help support us in reviving our village so we can live in it with a meaningful and happy life.

We can communicate: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Contact information

  • Adress: Teclenko Blvd., 42312, Basivka, Sumy Rayon, Sumy Region, Ukraine
  • Telephone: +38 (0542) 692674