"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Euroclub "EuroStar" Sumy Specialized School No. 29

Мotto: "EuroStar is traveling around Europe, it will broaden your mind"

Organization: Sumy Specialized School No. 29, Sumy

Date of Euroclub creation: September 2008

Number of Euroclub members: 15

Average age of EuroClub participants: 14-15 years

President of Euroclub: Maksym Kahitin

Coordinators of Euroclub: Yelena Zolotavina, Tatyana Ostapenko

Goals, interests, forms of activities

To expand knowledge of the European Union and Euro integration: to initiate the discussion about Ukraine's place in Europe; to learn about the culture of European countries; to organize projects; to participate in interesting projects.

Completed projects

  • "Holiday of European Languages"
  • "Tolerance is the Way to Europe"

Looking for partners

We would like to find partners from European countries for the creation of a project focused on the issues of young people today.

We can communicate: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Contact information