"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Euroclub "EuroStella" Okhtyrka Gymnasium of Okhtyrka City Council Sumy Region

Motto: "Be the Europeans in order to feel the real Ukrainians "

Organization: Okhtyrka Gymnasium of Okhtyrka City Council Sumy Region

Date of Euroclub creation: 5 December 2008

Number of Euroclub members: 24

Average age of Euroclub participants: median 14years

President of Euroclub: Blinova Alina +38 (05446) 2-46-53

Coordinator of Euroclub:

Myronyak Oksana, English teacher, +38 050-94-73-024; 05446-246-53

Goals, interests, forms of activities

Target: Widening knowledge about European countries, familiarization with the activities of the European Union, raising awareness of pupils about Europrean experience of modern time, educating youth on the principles of respect to civil rights and European values, able to transform  European initiatives and innovations into vital norms of Ukrainian society which should meet European standarts; contribution to mutual tolerance and respect, awareness of correlation between the World, Ukraine and Europe; understanding democracy, overcoming stereotypes.

Interests: cooperation with European peers, establishing friendly relations with the partner cities, exchanging information and experience with other clubs, joining projects and involving in networking opportunities of European youth projects as well as Ukrainian or world one.

Types of activities: initiatives, programs, charity activities, competitions, presentations and exhibitions, meetings with volunteers, round tables, days of Europe celebration, euroquests, festifals of European countries, excursions of School Travel Agency "Argo", debates of Gymnasium debate club “IntellectErudite”, conferences, seminars, trainings, concerts, helding of European Local Democracy Week, visits at open days of the town hall, interview of the Okhtyrka Mayor I.Demchenko, Day of Dialog on the theme of European democracy, workshops of pupil activism on the way to EU, sports and ecological events, I-net chat with youth from EU on “Challenges of Contemporary Time”, fotocontests, contest “Safe Ukraine. Safe Europe. Safe World ", International ALIANTE Competition, participation in All-Ukrainian campaign "Tolerancy as the way to Europe”, “Days of Europe at Okhtyrka Gymnasium”.

Completed projects

  •  International project of the British Council International Education - creative collaboration "(2008).
  • The governmental project of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National education of the Republic Poland and Ukraine  "To Search similarities - to understand the differences. Multicultural education in schools”. Introduced common project of Okhtyrka Gymnasium and Adam Mickiewicz  Gymnasium of Bilostok, Poland  in the program "Youth in Action" (2008).
  • The Annual Project Inter-ethnic teenagers summercamp  "Sources of Tolerance" (2005-2009) of the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine (CNCU).
  • International educational project "Tolerance: lessons of Holocaust" (2008).
  • The Ukrainian - Netherlands Education Sustainable Development Project "First Snowdrops" (2009-2011).
  • Whole-school volunteers project "Kindness Starts with You" (2008-2009).
  • Gymnasium projects: "European Day of Tolerance", "The Territory of School – the Territory of Rights of Each Child", "Through Local Democracy - to the European Community" , Days of Europe at Gymnasium.

Looking for partners

Active, creative and energetic for a joint project on education for sustainable development "First Snowdrops”, for intercultural communication, learning children's rights in society, joint educational events, exchanging pupils groups, hobby swap, creation of common summer camp for outdoor activities on the gymnasium basis. Ready to open dialogue, cooperation and friendship!

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