"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Captions to photo

Photo 1 Group photo of participants Euroclub "EuroStella"

Okhtyrka Gymnasium Okhtyrkas City Council Sumy Region

Photo 2 Gather together - this is the beginning;

Be together - this is the progress;

Work together - a success!

H. Ford

Photo 3 – photo 6 Planning Euroclub`s work

Photo 7 Election of the President of Euroclub

In order the club to be well-managed, We want to elect the President

Photo 8 Commission worked and all votes had been taken into account,

so look all - adults and small, how friendly we are in common action

Photo 9 We are happy to help everyone

and look and care for the small.

We united learning, work and rest in supervising and caring for juniors

Photo 10 Value the book, because

It is the source knowledge.

Students of Okhtyrka Gymnasium are always seeking new knowledge

Photo 11 We always remember about The Week a Book.

Pupils meetings, exhibitions and conferences are always included in workplan of Euroclub

Photo 12 Euro relay-race.

Healthpreserving lessons – is a traditional way of life of pupils.

Photo 13 The Charity Event

"From Heart to Heart" – is not just a tribute, but the call of the soul

Photo 14 Speech by Anton Danilich at the City Conference on European integration for the local communities.

Photo 15 – photo 18 European Week of local democracy in Okhtyrka

Photo 19 – photo 23 All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Students` Conference

"Stability and Security - the Guarantee of Future of Ukraine. Komsomolsk, Poltava region,3.4 December 2008

At the another hearing on the question "NATO and the WTO: Nowadays International Associations ", which were initiated by youth organizations under the active support of Komsomolsk town Mayor, and attended by the representatives of these organizations from 10 regions of Ukraine (the team of students from Okhtyrka gymnasium members of Euroclub A.Blinova, A.Danilich, K. Tatarenko and History teacher Oliynyk O.V included).

Photo 24 – photo 26 The Annual Inter-Ethnic Teenagers Summer Camp "Sources of Tolerance" in the Carpathians -2009 Among the active participants of the Summer Camp - 2009 werethe student of Okhtyrka gymnasium 11-B form Tatyana Mazur, and the student of 9-B form Madyar David

Photo 27 – photo 35 Footquest in Okhtyrka

On the territory of Okhtyrka intellectual quest took place for the second time in 2009. People of different ages - from secondary school students to companies employees were involved into it. The Gymnasium Euroclub team was the most active (Ludmila Ryabukhina, Eugenia Volodarska, Tatiana Odnorob).

Photo 36 Filippova Katerina and Stanislav Romanov during Town children's Drawing competition "My native town"

Photo 37  The members of Euroclub are active in town environmental campaigns

Photo 38 Healthy lifestyle and saving the lives of others is the norm of behavior for the members of Euroclub.

Moments of training

Photo 39 The young gentlemen are speaking on the theme of the European etiquette

Photo 40 The Draft on Education of National Consciousness with a focus on European values "Learn someone else and do not forget your own"

Photo 41 National Dignity Celebration at Okhtyrka gymnasium

Photo 42 Grand opening of National Dignity Celebration

Photo 43 Concert Program“Strings of Ukrainian Soul

Photo 44 National costume, dance, song – the mascots of our consciousness

Photo 45 – photo 49 Participation of Euroclub members in the project "Mother Earth - the care and custody of the young"

Photo 50 "The Day of kindness"in Okhtyrka gymnasium Be kind to others and you will live in happiness all your life

Photo 51 The festive meeting on the occasion of receiving a reward for victory in the All-Ukrainian contest "Good deeds". The speech of the Head-master of Okhtyrka gymnasium Sheiko N.V. 21.10.2009