"Our mission is to assist in the reformation of Ukraine consistent with European standards, as well as to introduce democratic values and develop civil society in Ukraine."

From the Statute of
the Center for European Initiatives

Euroclub "No. 1" Sumy Specialized School No. 1

Motto: "If it's planned – it's feasible!!!"

Organization: Sumy Specialized School No. 1, V. Strelchenka, Sumy

Date of Euroclub creation: February 2008

Number of Euroclub members: 92

Average age of Euroclub participants: 10-16 years, median 13 years

President of Euroclub: Anastasia Zhurova,

Coordinator of Euroclub: Larissa Sergeivna Kondratenko,

Goals, interests, forms of activities

  • Study of history, culture, principles European Institutions, and the stages of economic and political development of European Union countries.
  • Teach youth about democratic values leadership.
  • Conduct activities with themes about EU countries.

8 main areas of interest in the club:

  • local;
  • international;
  • tourist;
  • artistic;
  • European education;
  • sports;
  • country studies;
  • European culture.

All new ideas go into our "Bank of Ideas."

Completed projects

  • Days of Germany at school.
  • Days of Poland at school.
  • Created of project “Euro Plenary” - an outdoor gathering for youth of Sumy Euroclubs to study in a non-formal atmosphere.
  • Participated in conducting the Days of Europe in Sumy, representing Belgium. With the active work of our school Euroclub members, and the informative support of the Belgium embassy, who provided necessary materials, we were able to widely present the country.
  • Participated in the Euro Footquest (youth intellectual sport game). Took 3rd place.
  • Presented the work of the Euroclub and the inauguration of the cabinet. Presented the Polish center (Vera, Nadiya, Lubov) and invited the consul-general of the Republic Poland, Gzhegozh Serochinski, from Kharkiv, City administration, managers of international departments, and the coordinators of Euroclub in the Sumy area.
  • Photographic competition "The Capitals of European Union." 
  • Participated in the action "Light a candle for tolerance."
  • Our school conducted two role games for members of Euroclubs, debates on the theme "I am the mayor of the City of Sumy."
  • Participated in Polish-Ukrainian cultural exchanges for youth (Theater – Life, Dance+Picture = Integration = Friendship).
  • Participated in the All Ukrainian competition "Tolerance." Hanna Plis took 1st place, with her work "Be Tolerant."

Looking for partners

Ready to do – any Euroclub collaborations which exist on our planet.

We are interested in knowing what you have done to create a successful Euroclub, so that we can have ideas for our club.

Themes of interest:

  • historical changes to the territories of countries;
  • boarder areas and integration processes;
  • ecological education;
  • variety of folklore of European countries;
  • national minorities who live in European countries;
  • general study of European country cultures.

We can communicate: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Polish.

Contact information

  • Address: Kirova Street,136, Sumy, 40021, Ukraine
  • Telephone: +38 (0542) 627323, +38 (0542) 627326
  • E-mail: