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05.11.14 11:37

Impressions from "Youth Academy - Media" in Poland


18 participants from Ukraine and Poland gathered together for international Project “Youth Academy – Media” which took place in Nasutow (near Lublin) in Poland from 22nd till 28th of October. Maksym Kostornoi who was one of the Ukrainian participants of the project shares his experience and impressions.

“While communicating with each other we persuaded that young man of 21 century need to know at least 2 languages. The first one is the language of his family – Homeland. The second one is a language of international communication – The English. Telling you a secret – after 7 days of cooperation we created our own language: language of moves, language of body and language of mimics. To be honest it brought huge satisfaction to all the participants and big deal of positive emotions.

Our program was made so that youth could take part not only in workshops but even get to know about history, geography, culture, traditions and cuisine of Polish and Ukrainian nations. During the national evenings we felt us loving our homeland as child loves his mother.

I am sure, that each of us had seen cartoons even once in life, but some of us are watching them even now. Maybe there is no person in the world that would not try to create his own film. Thanks to this project both groups were not only watching the process of creation animated film but even participants of this process. According to the comments about workshops I recognized that all participants got to know that creation of film is very long, laborious process. It needs not a few calm, restraint, uncountable fantasy and the most important thing – your will. Until the end of the project most of us could overcome barrier of fear: fear of telling your own opinion, fear of using another language, fear of communication with unknown people, fear of deciding anything. Now I am sure that openhearted people, even if they are from different countries, mentality, society and life positions, even in 7 days, can become one family. We learned how to help each other, to take care of each other and to create gathered ideas.

It is a small but shining example of living in the world of cooperation and agreement. I even can't imagine how we will separate, because we – Polish and Ukrainian groups – became one family."