«…Наша місія — сприяння реформуванню України у відповідності до європейських стандартів, впровадження демократичних цінностей та розвитку громадянського суспільства в Україні…»

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02.02.15 10:49

Lisa’s vision to build a cooperation among European youths


Ukraine has already caught up the attention of another volunteer of our company, Lisa Jahr from Germany. According to her, moving here would be an outstanding experience for the main purpose of coming into contact with Ukrainian people, even by “bothering” them in the daily life. And as volunteerism is a great chance to be accepted into a new community, become a better person and acquire new skills for one’s own future, Lisa is now carrying forward the idea of giving something back to this new hosting “family”. The standard procedure of what it has been named for long time “cooperation”.

The project in which she is involved carries out the dominant idea of drawing young people together, encouraging intercultural learning, practising foreign languages (English, German, Ukrainian, Russian) and finding new motivated friends to share common values with. Only contacts in schools and motivations to participate are needed for establishing a kind of “international dialogue”, possible via Skype, Facebook, e-mails or also letters.

The schools that are interested in this sort of “exchange” can also agree on a joint research to be developed in the meanwhile on both sides thus giving finally birth to some results that might be presented on a blog or website.

Issues like diversity in schools – minorities, émigrés, racism cases – are closely related to democratic values, human rights and tolerance, as our European cultural identity derives its strength from the acceptance and preservation of many differences.

And it has to be considered a good opportunity for those Ukrainians who are really craving to get acquainted with different standards of living through analysis that might focus up their attention towards other countries’ attitudes concerning family life, social and educational civilizations.

We would be glad to hear that Lisa’s Beruf (Max Weber established once the meaning of this word as for “vocation”, whereby a job or work since him is given a religious revaluation) will accelerate the well-attended process of integration giving voice to those who are charged to change the status quo: the youths.

Riccardo Bravi