«…Наша місія — сприяння реформуванню України у відповідності до європейських стандартів, впровадження демократичних цінностей та розвитку громадянського суспільства в Україні…»

Зі Статуту
СМГО «Центр європейських ініціатив»

Emanuele and the concept of Ukrainian integration


This Ukrainian experience is for Emanuele something which is closely related to his educational background, full of awards and scholarships achieved for the dedication he has always shown towards history and European Union issues. Even though Italy and her beauties are rather named among his speeches, on the other hand, “united in diversity” could represent his personal motto. The actions he participated to – Erasmus, a masters degree obtained between Brussels and Poland, then the prestigious College of Europe ending up this itinerary – gave him a deep knowledge on the External Action service...

Saint Nicolas’ Day and SMART camp in Sumy


Once in our life we experience childhood as the best period to be regretted during adult existence. There are many ways we grow into adulthood, and this process is mostly related on taking responsibilities and making decisions with more mature attitudes as ever. Center for European Initiatives had the pleasure to arrange, in the end of 2014, two big events that gave kids the possibility to spend time together before the well-attended winter holidays in Sumy region.