«…Наша місія — сприяння реформуванню України у відповідності до європейських стандартів, впровадження демократичних цінностей та розвитку громадянського суспільства в Україні…»

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СМГО «Центр європейських ініціатив»

28.01.15 10:43

Emanuele and the concept of Ukrainian integration


This Ukrainian experience is for Emanuele something which is closely related to his educational background, full of awards and scholarships achieved for the dedication he has always shown towards history and European Union issues. Even though Italy and her beauties are rather named among his speeches, on the other hand, “united in diversity” could represent his personal motto. The actions he participated to – Erasmus, a masters degree obtained between Brussels and Poland, then the prestigious College of Europe ending up this itinerary – gave him a deep knowledge on the External Action service in general and on the Eastern Partnership Programme, with main focus on Ukrainian economy and its contemporary political situation. That’s why he decided to join Sumy for his volunteering service.

Emanuele has always been fond of cultural policies, youth exchanges and has also experiences in European affairs and organization of cultural and sporting activities. Passionate about EU, its external policies and the protection of human rights both inside and outside the Union, he couldn’t wait for an opportunity of this calibre. He is trying indeed to organise some sporting activities (football) for the kids of the Euroclubs and has interesting ideas for implementing a project which will probably involve university students in some English language debating competitions across the city. Another plan is to make a documentary of how refugees from the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk are experiencing their new lives in Sumy region, analysing their attitudes and thoughts concerning this still on-going war. A good opportunity to tell people how facts really are without all the distortions and manipulations that sometimes medias use to attract audience and therefore increase popularity.

This is one more important piece in a complex situation – the Ukrainian one – that must be pursued and developed with strength and passion.

Riccardo Bravi