«…Наша місія — сприяння реформуванню України у відповідності до європейських стандартів, впровадження демократичних цінностей та розвитку громадянського суспільства в Україні…»

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10.04.15 21:59

Migrations and stereotypes: Robin Devos facing Ukraine


Belgium has always been synonymous with bureaucracy since the decision – in the aftermath of the Second War World – to install the whole apparatus of an emerging continent in its capital. Long and detailed talks between the leaders of the six countries (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium) that suffered more from the destructions of what seemed to be a never-ending war finally agreed to allow to the small Belgian enclave his role de prestige.

Our new arrival, Robin, is a Dutch-speaking Fleming – using French as a second language – who had the chance to join the group from the end of January through a Polish organisation. Belgians who "emigrate" are indeed less common than those who have entered the country since World War II, when waves of immigrants working as guest workers came over from the Mediterranean Sea.

Fond of travelling, this kind of inverse "diaspora" is to be taken a keyword to define Robin’s life in the last five years: from Portugal to Brazil, then back to Belgium, and now to Eastern Europe.

He aims to create a sort of journalistic bridge – involving schools, universities and other entities – between Ukraine and Belgium thus keeping Belgian citizens updated on the sterner side of the crisis of the ex-soviet country through the lenses of Ukrainian media. A passionate of politics and history, Robin’s quest for truth is part of what Marx classified as the "superstructure of society", an obscure label not directly related to the mechanism of production itself but formally including a wide range of human activities (art, culture, science...) that were supposed to maintain a dialectic relationship with the so-called "base".

To understand the facts more deeply is evidently what is needed to rearrange our modern society, which is so full of verdicts and stereotypes.

Riccardo Bravi