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12.01.15 11:08

Saint Nicolas’ Day and SMART camp in Sumy


Once in our life we experience childhood as the best period to be regretted during adult existence. There are many ways we grow into adulthood, and this process is mostly related on taking responsibilities and making decisions with more mature attitudes as ever. Center for European Initiatives had the pleasure to arrange, in the end of 2014, two big events that gave kids the possibility to spend time together before the well-attended winter holidays in Sumy region.

The first was concentrated on the 19th of December, known as “Saint Nicolas’ Day” in all Eastern Europe countries. According to the legend, children may expect a present under their pillows – whether good or bad – providing their behaviour during the past year. A wide range of workshops and other activities for youths delighted that afternoon where also us volunteers got involved as participants. Romain, especially, led a small seminar about how Poles do celebrate catholic Christmas and what makes this festivity an outstanding event for his adoptive country.

The second initiative has been focusing from 26th to 28th of December. SMART camp’s spirit is to aggregate children willing to spend three intensive days together in a camp that lies nearby Sumy forest, within the main aim of improving English language through games related to winter and Christmas traditions. In this case, we actively helped the organization preparing assets concerning European traditions and curious facts about our native countries. Kids could check out their cultural background participating into these competitions where at least a huge amount of prizes were given to increase their happiness. Nevertheless, it was also an important chance for our company to strengthen team working abilities by completing the tasks we have planned previously during our weekly meetings in the office.

When Dostoevsky declared someday that “the soul is healed by being with children”, he did not miss anything: the large income that gathers our lives is to help them spend infancy in the most appropriate way, avoiding those attitudes that might compromise their personal growth. And in the end our mission has been accomplished.

Riccardo Bravi