«…Наша місія — сприяння реформуванню України у відповідності до європейських стандартів, впровадження демократичних цінностей та розвитку громадянського суспільства в Україні…»

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СМГО «Центр європейських ініціатив»

«I am a leader in the DEMOCRATIC STATE», Харченко Нікіта

To begin with, I would like to say that Ukraine has been an independent democratic state for 18 years already. Of course a lot of positive changes have taken place in our country since that time but there is still a lot of work to do.

In my opinion one of the best ways to improve life in our country is to join the European Union. Sorry to say, not all the people in our country understand the advantages of Ukraine’s membership

in the European Union.

I am only 14 now, but I try to learn as much as possible about the European Union so that I could convince me friends and other people that it will be good for Ukraine.

As for me, I am deeply convinced that being a member of the European Union our country will rather benefit than be harmed because:

  • friendship and cooperation among countries strengthen;
  • the general state of the economy improves and less-developed countries like Ukraine are aided;
  • people can get more opportunities to travel because visa regulations are simplified;
  • human rights are protected common laws are observed;
  • it makers Europe more democratic and peaceful. 

These are only a few advantages of being a member of the European Union.

 And what is most important for me as a teenager is that much attention is paid to the problems of young people whose rights are and who can get education in any country they want.

So, I would like to take part in the seminar and get more information about the youth politics in Ukraine and the European Union and I also want to gain some experience in leader-ship, because I am going to do my best to promote Ukraine’s integration in Europe.